• Anxiety and depression

    Anxiety and depression

    Phobias, panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorders go very often, especially if they become chronic, with depression hand in hand. It is often a mixed anxiety disorder. Conversely, depressive disorders are often the cause of anxiety. Depression can show itself in different forms and manifestations. The causes are diverse and not always clearly distinguished. Usually […]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety disorders are most frequently caused by a combination of different factors. So can a genetic predisposition (vulnerability), lighter than other people with the fear of certain situations or stimuli to respond. Then, when other factors – for example, pronounced Stress – are added, this can trigger an anxiety disorder. The serious negative life events […]

  • Depression Symptoms

    Depression Symptoms

    Depressive disorders are among the most common mental disorders. Almost every Fifth sick at least once in a life of a Depression. (18 percent of the population). Within a year ill be more than every Tenth depressed (11 per cent of the population), developing women about twice as often as men. Depression often occurs for […]

  • Signs of Depression

    Signs of Depression

    As a healthy person is one thinks of depression suicide vulnerable people, which is also still quite sad. Certainly this is true, but there are still many other signs in a person, on one or more depression suffers. Sadness can many patients no longer feel, but you feel just a great Emptiness in your life. […]

  • Some of the warning signs of stress

    Some of the warning signs of stress

    Stress is somewhat that has become the identical in everyday life. Even though everyone has problems, challenges, tragedies, frustrations and being stressed for a long time, and consistently can drain you out physically as well as emotionally. A stressful mind involves you to build certain adjustments in your attitude, lifestyle, priorities, habits and the way […]

  • Simple and natural medication for depression

    Simple and natural medication for depression

    Simple and natural medication for depression Even though the medical professionals have discovered many advance technologies to find out the different diseases, they are still not able to identify the proper reason as to why some amount of people will end up due to depression while others do not. Of course, every human body is […]


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  • Am i depressed

    Am i depressed

    Test: when am I depressed? How can I know whether I or my fellow men to suffer from depression? Here the self-test. 1. They are often without a reason to be depressed or discouraged? DISPLAY 2. You can concentration and often feel even in small decisions overwhelmed? 3. You do not have to drive more, […]

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  • Manic depression

    Manic depression

    The phrase “sky-high, shouting, desolated” describes quite fit the mood swings as a result of a manic-depressive illness. Where Affected in a second, still in a good mood, they fall within the shortest possible time in a deep emotional hole. The manic Depression (synonym also used terms: manic-depressive illness, bipolore affective disorder) is a mental […]

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  • Signs of teenage depression

    Signs of teenage depression

    Teen Depression symptoms are: Feelings of sadness Loss of interest and pleasure in normal activities Irritability, Frustration, or feelings of anger, even about trifles Insomnia or excessive Sleep Changes in appetite. Depression often causes loss of appetite and weight loss, but in some cases, they increased Demand for food and weight gain Agitation or Restlessness, […]

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  • Signs and symptoms of depression

    Signs and symptoms of depression

    Since there are different mental disorders and diseases, their symptoms are often similar, it is not easy to diagnose Depression. For example, there is the Symptom of fear, both at an anxiety disorder, as well as often in the context of a depressive disorder. Since the manifestations of Depression, as may be different, if a […]

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  • What is Manic Depression? And It’s Characteristics

    What is Manic Depression? And It’s Characteristics

    What is Manic Depression? And It’s Characteristics Manic depression is a psychological state of the mind, where the mood of the person facing such illness would sway between both the extremities. That is if the person feels happy and feels like he is on the cloud nine for a moment, the next moment the person […]

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  • Signs of manic depression

    Signs of manic depression

    “Sky-high, shouting, desolated”, as translated into the vernacular the diagnosis of manic-depressive disorder”. The disease is in the jargon also bipolar disorder because of the Affected both depressive as well as manic phases experience, the opposite symptoms are characterized. In the depressive phase, patients suffer from a than the usual amount of additional mental depression, […]

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  • Physical signs of depression

    Physical signs of depression

    The typical Depression is according to the classical Definition of a severe Depression, which was also called the endogenous was designated. One speaks of a Major Depression, this generally means a phases shall be liable history, and it is on a severe Depression pointed out. The typical Depression is in every age group can be […]

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  • Early Signs of Depression

    Early Signs of Depression

    Fatigue, sadness and insensitivity: A Depression is much more than that. The disease has so many different forms that even the closest relatives of the warning signs are often overlooked. However, the rapid recognition of the disease is important, because with the further progression of the Depression, it becomes increasingly difficult, the party Concerned to […]

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  • Signs of Depression in Women

    Signs of Depression in Women

    A Depression in women is much can occur more frequently than in men, has been known for. Actually occurs in twice as many women as Depression than men. Four women experiences in your life a Depression in men, it is only one of the eight. The same applies for the suicide rate between men and […]

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  • Signs and symptoms of depression in humans:

    Signs and symptoms of depression in humans:

    It is reported that one in every ten people falls prey for depression due to various reasons. The reasons may be bipolar disorders, anxiety, phobia or negative thoughts. It is common to experience both mental and physical depression in the course of time. Signs and symptoms of depression had to be identified in the early […]

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